Our company successfully works in the field of maritime transport since 1995. First, as "Maritime Representation "Flagman", and since 2005, after a reorganization as Maritime Shipping & Chartering Company "Flagman". The company is a member of the Union of Russian Shipowners (SOROSS), Maritime Academy of Transport (ITA) and partner of the European Academy of Natural Science (EANS) and has a Certificate of Compliance with international quality standards, international legal acts and regulations of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the freight operations of cargo and passengers in maritime communications issued by the GU "CB "Morlitsenziya" certification body of the System "Morshipservise", Ministry of Transport.

   The company's staff consists of experienced and professional specialists with special training and years of experience in the shipping business, who are experts of internal audits of shipping organizations to meet the requirements of the International Safety Management Code (ISM) that can provide qualified and competitive services to its customers.




Новости Контейнерооборот российских морских портов

Контейнерооборот российских морских портов вырос на 11,6% с начала года

Новости Россия заказала в Южной Корее 15 танкеров для перевозки СПГ

Десятки судов построят в Южной Корее для России

Новости Cargo turnover of the Azov-black sea basin ports in January-June 2018

Cargo turnover of the Azov-black sea basin ports in January-June 2018 amounted to 133.27 million tons

Новости Грузооборот морских портов РФ за первое полугодие 2018 года

Грузооборот морских портов РФ за полгода вырос на 2,7% до 394 млн тонн

Новости New Project for SALE


New Projector DWT 8200 for Sale


Новости Sunflower Husk Pellets for SALE

Our company offers ecologically appropriate bio fuel – Sunflower Husk Pellets

Russian milling and fodder wheat for sale Russian milling and fodder wheat for sale

We offer Russian milling and fodder wheat for sale, for more details pls contact us at  mz@flagmanshipping.com 

News Russia Ban Wheat End of Russian grains ban from July, 1, 2011

Russia, once the world’s second- biggest wheat exporter, will let a grain-export ban expire July 1, increasing supply as drought and flooding threatens crops from Europe to the U.S.

News Russian government will prolong the grains ban

How long will Russia suffer the wheat ban?

Новости Japanese vessel released

The Panama-flagged cargo vessel Izumi has been released after being held by pirates for several months