• Shipchartering operations;
  • Full vessel operation;
  • Commercial vessel management;
  • Technical vessel management;
  • Analitical researchof the shipping market;
  • Vessel & cargo insurance include P&I, H&M, FDD, Blue Card;
  • Export-Import Operations;
  • Crewing;
  • Technical services and repairs of vessels;
  • Marine law consultations;
  • S&P - Sale and Purchase of vessels.




We offer owners a mutually beneficial cooperation in fleet management.We have everything you need for full or partial shipmenegement:


  • skilled professionals;
  • chartering, technical, legal and Crewing Divisions;
  • years of experience with different types of ships;
  • cooperation with major domestic and foreign companies;
  • permanent presence in the market and monitoring;
  • effective schemes for fleet management;
  • legal, theoretical and scientific base;


In accordance with your application, we are ready to conduct a detailed analysis of the operation of vessels of every type and prepare a project work plan under our operational management for review and approval by the shipowner.

We can work on all or part of any component of the management of courts:


  • full commercial management;
  • chartering vessels (fixing);
  • post-fixture handling;
  • technical management;
  • personnel management of crew (crewing);
  • legal support, insurance of vessels and crews;
  • bunkering vessels;

Bunkering and oil supply

Maritime Shipping & Chartering company is pleased to offer vessel bunkering with best grades of fuels and lub oils at all the ports of the Azov, the Black, The Mediterrenean, The Baltic , the Caspian seas and at the inner waterways of Russia. Our prices are 5-15% less than what you can meet at the market and we have a number of possibilities to make the payment terms better including delayed bunker payments.

Scientific Research

MSCC "Flagman" is active in the following areas of marine research:

definition of the effectiveness of monitoring and management of the fleet movements basing on AIS, API radio-navigational equipment;

organization of sea and river communications and control system of transport processes;

analysis and prediction of the characteristics of quality and efficiency of fleet management;

development of methods and systems for ensuring safety of navigation in the modern conditions of navigation;

automatic systems of the fleet movements management;

analysis of the main particulars of the transportation process in the Azov-Black sea basin and estuary area of the inner waterways;

definition of the peculiarities of the vessel movements and analysis of the main aspects of the sea-river vessels and sea coasters within the basins of Europe and the Mediterrenean.


Ship Repair

MSCC "Flagman" provides qualified repair, modernization and technical supply of vessels and floating constructions of any dock weight at largest ship-building and repair enterprises in the Azov, Black and Mediterrenean basins. All works are done with guaranteed quality and delayed payment options are supplied. The enterprise is located in the Lower Don but can serve ships with both Russian and foreign flags.

Technical supply of vessels


  • Technical & material supply of vessel.
  • Ship equipment supply.
  • Navigation and navigational supplies;
  • Radio equipment;
  • Bunkering in the Azov, Black, Mediterrenean seas and Russian inner waterways;
  • Deck supplies and equipment;
  • Emergency and rescue equipment;
  • Spare parts for ship engines;
  • Shipboard electrical equipment and appliances;